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When you’re selling a home, remember that honesty is the best policy. If you do decide to be dishonest as a seller, there can be some major legal consequences heading your way at a later date. As a general rule, if you think you should disclose something then you probably need to tell the buyer about it. There are a few things that are major concerns for sellers. If you know about any of the events mentioned below, you need to include it in your seller’s disclosure.

Lead Paint

Lead paint is a major concern especially for families with children. If your home was built before 1978, you’ll need to sign a disclosure stating whether or not you know of any lead paint on the property. If you are unaware of any issues with the paint, then you are not legally obligated to provide information, since you don’t know any better. If you did know that the home was de-leaded or have had lead paint testing done, you’ll need to disclose this info for the buyer’s knowledge. 

Emotional Defects

If there was ever a death on the property that you knew about, you’ll need to disclose this to your buyers. Murders, suicides, and violent crimes all need to be revealed if they happened on your property. While it’s an unpleasant thing to think about, buyers have a right to know. Deaths that have occurred before a certain time span may not need to be disclosed. You can check with the specific rules in your own state.    

Paranormal Activity

When it comes to selling your home, there are certain things that you may find silly but others find that they need to know. This includes any kind of paranormal activity like ghosts. Some states require that you release any information you may have about ghosts on a property in order to sell your home. If you believe the house is haunted, you have an obligation to tell buyers about it. If an exorcism or other strange activity has occurred on the property, you’ll need to tell buyers about that as well. There’s no issue too small when it comes to disclosing things about your home.

Water Issues

If your home has any kind of flooding problems or drainage issues, you should tell your buyers about it. Everything from a basement that floods to standing water in the backyard can be an issue. If you know about it as a seller and do not tell your buyers, you could face some serious consequences from it. If you have fixed these issues in the past, it’s also worth adding to your disclosure as buyers will know that you have been proactive in taking care of any problems on the property.

This Single-Family in Wakefield, MA recently sold for $519,900. This Split Entry style home was sold by Maria DiCarlo - Century 21 Commonwealth.

31 Ledgewood Rd, Wakefield, MA 01880


Sale Price

LOCATION & PRIVACY IS KEY! This lovingly maintained (ORIGINAL OWNER !) SPLIT is nestled on 1.46 ACRES at the very end of a dead end street in the DESIRABLE Montrose area. Features include a LARGE eat in Kitchen, Fireplace & Cathedral Ceiling Living room, AWESOME Family room with Cathedral Ceiling leading to a private side yard. Relax in the HOT TUB overlooking the garden or work in your very own potting shed! Lower level offers good space for an additional bedroom /bonus room, full tiled bath with JACUZZI along with a small office and laundry room. Oversized 1 car garage houses a brand new 275 gal oil tank, Full stand up height attic for additional storage. Roof 2008, Boiler 2004, Hot Water Tank 2013, Hot Tub 2012.

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Your home might look amazing after a contractor finishes the renovation or repair job that you gave  her. But, that doesn't mean that your house is safe. Watch one episode of a popular home television repair show and you'll quickly see how much danger is concealed behind house walls.

Stop getting ripped off by your house contractor

An attempt to hide shoddy work is just one sign that a house contractor is ripping you off. The wrong house contractor doesn't need to have bad intentions when it comes to working on your house. Lack of construction experience leads to poor wiring and improper material installation.

A fall is another thing that can happen when you work with an inexperienced house contractor. Inexperienced contractors may not know how to safely prep a work area, causing you and your family to get tangled in equipment and slip and fall.

Unintentional drawbacks aren't the only ways that your home contractor could prove harmful. As hard as it is to accept, some house contractors deliberately do things that leave you at a disadvantage. Although this list is not inclusive, following are important signs that a house contractor is ripping you off:

  • Ask you to let her start working on your house with no more than a handshake (Get work that contractors perform written and signed by you and the contractor in a legally binding document.)
  • Gets upset if you remain in the area where he is working (This could be a sign that the contractor doesn't want you to spot the bad work that he is doing.)
  • The house contractor is not open to your suggestions.
  • Fees that the house contractor charges either keep changing or are higher than average prices for the same or similar work.
  • If the contractor runs out of material or doesn't know what she's doing, she leaves your house, running off without finishing the job.
  • Workers who the house contractor hires are unlicensed. It's definitely not a good thing if the lead house contractor also doesn't have a license.

Set yourself up for home repair and renovation success

Many construction workers are experienced and well qualified, performing the type of work that fixes damages to your home. A large number of construction workers start and finish home renovation jobs on time, some completing projects ahead of schedule which saves you money.

Other construction works keep themselves as the top priority. Taking advantage of you is at the front of these workers' thoughts. Don't get pulled into schemes that a bad house contractor operates. Doing so could cost you big.

If you know what to look for in a good house contractor, you won't get suckered by a strong personality. You'll keep your family safe and avoid spending more money than necessary to repair or upgrade your house. In addition, you'll send a message to shady house contractors that you're on to them and not open to being taken advantage of.

Dogs are a man’s best friends, but the mess they bring into your home? Not so much. Learn how you can have a clean house and a lovable pup at the end of each day. Here are ten tips below to get the best of both worlds. 

1. Groom regularly. Keep less fur off your floors and furniture by brushing your dog on a regular schedule. Ideally, this would be a few times a week. Eliminate even more clean up by brushing out your pup outside when possible.

2. Sweep floors in high traffic areas with a microfiber cloth broom each day. The microfiber cloth will grab onto fur and dirt alike and can be reused. It’s also a quick and simple habit to develop and one you can easily delegate as a chore for the kids.

3. Dust often. Stay on top of fur build up by dusting a few areas of the home each night with a microfiber cloth. By just doing a room or two at a time it becomes a less overwhelming task and easier to do regularly. You can even keep a cloth stored away in each room to make the chore even simpler.

4. Vacuum furniture and drapes as well as carpeting. When you have a furry friend your vacuum is going to be working a lot harder around the house. You’ll want to vacuum drapes, furniture, and carpets frequently to stay on top of hair build up. Just as with dusting, you can do a few rooms at a time throughout the week to break up the tediousness of doing the whole house at once.

5. Lint brushes are your new best friend. You might as well fill a handbasket full of them the next time you’re at the store because you’ll never have too many. Store them where they can easily be on hand in closets, bathrooms, the mudroom and your family's’ vehicles. Where there is fur, there’s a way so be prepared to keep clothes fur free when leaving the house.

6. Take care of stains ASAP. Make cleaning up pet stains a no-brainer by putting together an easy to grab bucket filled with cleaning supplies that are made for the job. Be sure to include a pair of rubber gloves, a roll of paper towels, a microfiber cloth and your preferred cleaning solution.

And a bonus for the extra meticulous: wipe paws down with a microfiber cloth after walks. Microfiber clothes are wonderful multitaskers for household cleaners and now you can add “paw wipes” to the list. Before you let your dog run loose around the house after a walk gently wipe their paws with a dry microfiber cloth to catch any loose debris they could track inside.

We love our dogs. They are cute, funny and oh so loving. The messes that come with them, however, aren’t always so welcome. You can easily keep your home spick and span with a little preparation and a regular cleaning schedule. At the end of the day, you can admire your handiwork while curled up on the couch with your pooch.

Before you sell your home, you may wonder if there are any areas that you can improve on before putting the home on the market. Kitchen renovations have one of the highest return values of any changes that you make to your home. It’s worth investigating what areas of the room could use some improving. Some of these upgrades don’t even require you to start a construction project.

Clear Off The Counters

You don’t even have to replace the countertops to add some value to your home. Making it appear as if your counters have the maximum amount of space before you show the home can really impress potential buyers Simply clear your counter, clean it, and make any small repairs that you notice may need to be done. If you have time and the budget, you can always replace tired old countertops. Simply showing that your counters have more room can really make a big difference.  

Add A Backsplash 

You can add a backsplash or update your existing one in order to breathe some life into your kitchen. Make sure that the tiles you choose coordinate with the theme of the kitchen. This is purely cosmetic but a kitchen with a fresh backsplash sells much faster than a tired, worn looking kitchen backslash, or even a kitchen without a backsplash at all.

Add Some Technology To The Kitchen

Buyers like simplicity and convenience in their potential homes. Consider adding some technology to the kitchen like USB outlets and smart appliances. If you can save a buyer from needing to upgrade their appliances and meet their 21st century needs at the same time, your home will be a very attractive sell. There are few things more enticing to buyers than brand spanking new appliances in the kitchen! These updates will surely add value to your home before you sell.   

The Floor 

While floors offer the least return for your investment, buyers don’t like looking at old, dirty floors! Take the time to clean up your floor and replace it if needed. It’s not a difficult do-it-yourself project and can really make your kitchen look more attractive.       

Clean The Cabinets

Buyers are very into looking at every nook of the home they may potentially buy. That means if you have nice looking cabinets, you can have a leg up as a seller. Whether you need to clean and stain the wood on your cabinets, add a fresh coat of paint, or do a larger project and replace the cabinets altogether, there are plenty of ways that you can give your cabinets a fresh look, drawing attention to this part of the room. Be sure that whatever you do to your cabinets will bode well with the style of the kitchen.