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When it gets to the thick of the summer season, everything moves at a slower pace. You can literally feel the change in the world around you. People feel more relaxed, and there’s a carefree feeling in the air. Here’s some of the trends for summer that you should consider incorporating into the interior design of your home. With these tips, you’ll have a fresh and colorful home that screams “it’s summer” all season long. Stay Away From Patterns And Keep It Simple Have you ever looked at something that was so busy that it gave you a headache? When you have too many patterns in your home, there’s nothing for the eyes to focus on. That’s one of the biggest design mistakes- not having a set focal point in the room. You should trade in your pattern laden items for solid colors. That pillow with the crazy pattern can simply be switched out for one with a solid base. Simple changes like this can make all the difference in your home’s interior. Be Playful Summertime is a fun season. You should add some fun to your home to represent the times. Place games and whimsical figurines around your home to add the fun and light feeling to your home. Everyone who enters your home should have the sense that your home is ready for summer. Summer Is The Light And Airy Season The summer is a time where people are attracted toward bright, clean spaces. Usually people think of white as a clean color. White is a refreshing color which makes it perfect for the summer, which can sometimes be hot and sticky. You can work with white that already exists in your home, finding colors that contrast well like shades of blue. Adding white pieces works as well. Tile and cabinetry are the most common items that you’ll find in your home that are white. While you may not want to bring out a paintbrush for the season if your cabinets are a different color, there’s other things that you can do. Swap out your bathroom accessories for a lighter, more airy color. Change up the set of dishes that you use in your kitchen to a set that feels more summery. Color Pops Can Make Any Room Bold  Summer brings out everything that is bold in the world. The sights of summer are more vibrant, the sounds are more crisp and the flavors are more intense. If you’re often afraid to try something out of ordinary or to use color in a new way, give the idea of adding pops of color a try. You can do anything in a room to add some color. You might consider painting a piece of furniture. If you want to keep it simple, think of getting a throw pillow or an accent rug that is bold in color.