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You love when family visit. Not only will you get to see infant relatives and children and check out how much they have grown since you last saw them, you'll get to catch up with adult cousins and siblings. If it's a good visit, there will be laughter, lots of smiles, good eating and happiness.

Paths to stress free living while relatives visit your house

But, all family visits don't go well. For this reason, you cringe at the thought of an upcoming family visit. The stress starts to build the same day that you learn that your relatives are going to spend a few days and nights at your house.

As with most emotions, before you know it, the stress that you feel has passed to your spouse and children. Less than two days into learning about the upcoming visit, your entire household is exhibiting signs of strain, becoming impatient and edgy.

With a few practical steps, you could make a visit from nearly any family member rewarding and stress free. Start by informing every member of your household of the upcoming visit. Get everyone's buy in, especially if high drama relatives are stopping by.

Encourage well behaved children to be themselves, even if visiting relatives pressure them to act and speak differently. Instead of sending children to sleep on the sofa while family visit your house, place  a roll away bed in the living room.

Getting ready for a family visit at your house

To accommodate regular family visits, you could turn a spare bedroom into a guestroom. Insulate and clean out your attic, and the uppermost room of your house could also serve as a great guest room. Of course, a finished basement makes for a large guest space.

You could add a bedroom, entertainment room and an exercise room or home office to a finished basement. Whichever room you use to accommodate your family members sleeping needs, stock up on refreshments.

Head to the grocery store one to two days before family visit your house. Determine which recipes you are going to put to use if you cook homemade meals for relatives. Another thing that you want to do ahead of time is to identify which restaurants you'll take visiting relatives to, if you plan on taking your family out to eat.

Other actions to do ahead of time include deciding where you will take relatives who visit your house for entertainment. For example, are you going to take relatives to the movies, shopping at the mall, to one or more local festivals or to a live sporting event?

Planning is a great way to reduce or eliminate stress as it relates to family visiting your home. Take the time to plan what you are going to do during each day that relatives stay at your house. But, be open to change. Another good idea is to ask relatives who are going to stay at your house what they want to do during their visit. This can increase the likelihood that your house guests will be more than happy during and after their visit.