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Your home might look amazing after a contractor finishes the renovation or repair job that you gave  her. But, that doesn't mean that your house is safe. Watch one episode of a popular home television repair show and you'll quickly see how much danger is concealed behind house walls.

Stop getting ripped off by your house contractor

An attempt to hide shoddy work is just one sign that a house contractor is ripping you off. The wrong house contractor doesn't need to have bad intentions when it comes to working on your house. Lack of construction experience leads to poor wiring and improper material installation.

A fall is another thing that can happen when you work with an inexperienced house contractor. Inexperienced contractors may not know how to safely prep a work area, causing you and your family to get tangled in equipment and slip and fall.

Unintentional drawbacks aren't the only ways that your home contractor could prove harmful. As hard as it is to accept, some house contractors deliberately do things that leave you at a disadvantage. Although this list is not inclusive, following are important signs that a house contractor is ripping you off:

  • Ask you to let her start working on your house with no more than a handshake (Get work that contractors perform written and signed by you and the contractor in a legally binding document.)
  • Gets upset if you remain in the area where he is working (This could be a sign that the contractor doesn't want you to spot the bad work that he is doing.)
  • The house contractor is not open to your suggestions.
  • Fees that the house contractor charges either keep changing or are higher than average prices for the same or similar work.
  • If the contractor runs out of material or doesn't know what she's doing, she leaves your house, running off without finishing the job.
  • Workers who the house contractor hires are unlicensed. It's definitely not a good thing if the lead house contractor also doesn't have a license.

Set yourself up for home repair and renovation success

Many construction workers are experienced and well qualified, performing the type of work that fixes damages to your home. A large number of construction workers start and finish home renovation jobs on time, some completing projects ahead of schedule which saves you money.

Other construction works keep themselves as the top priority. Taking advantage of you is at the front of these workers' thoughts. Don't get pulled into schemes that a bad house contractor operates. Doing so could cost you big.

If you know what to look for in a good house contractor, you won't get suckered by a strong personality. You'll keep your family safe and avoid spending more money than necessary to repair or upgrade your house. In addition, you'll send a message to shady house contractors that you're on to them and not open to being taken advantage of.